About Our Oshawa Mortgage Brokers

We are your mortgage solution team!

If you are looking for the latest mortgage information in Canada, the best financial assistance, and the most competitive rates, then you are in the right place. Our mortgage agents at Mortgage Intelligence are full-time, licensed professionals who are known as one of Canada's largest coast-to-coast mortgage brokers. We serve borrowers nationwide using our numerous connections to national and private lenders. Our team can be your one-stop-shop for nearly any type of financing need!

Our three-member team consists of:

David Hetti

David is our team leader and experienced broker who has used his leadership qualities to help our office be the largest Mortgage Intelligence Team in the Region of Durham. He has a long background in the financial field and holds a life insurance license as well, helping to provide value-added services to the clients that we assist. - FSCO Lic M08002434

Kelly Kozar

As our full-time mortgage agent, Kelly assesses incoming applications and helps clients with choosing the best mortgage option for their unique needs. Having completed commercial lending courses, she uses this knowledge and experience to assist clients who are seeking to purchase a building for their business or investment. - Fsco Lic M08001409

Jacalyn Cook

Jacalyn is a mortgage agent and full-time right hand man to Kelly Kozar. She serves as our office administrator and receptionist. In addition, she also manages the compliance aspects of the office, ensuring that each of our clients is properly served and that all documentation meets the strict guidelines of the industry. -Fsco Lic MI0002263

Experienced & Well-Qualified Help

Our well-qualified team can determine how much mortgage you can qualify for, what your payments will be, and what specific options are available to you. During your free consultation, we can sit down together, go over these details, and answer any questions that you may have. Call us now at (905) 404-8001 for more information about how our team can help you!