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Mortgage Renewal - Oshawa Mortgage Intelligence

Mortgage Renewals
When buying a home people shop aggressively for a mortgage to assure that they get the lowest rate. But did you know that 87% of Canadians simply sign the renewal documents when they are mailed out to them. One reason is they believe they must sign them. Another reason is they believe it’s a big undertaking to shop for a better rate than they have been offered from their current Bank or Mortgage Lender. Not so!

As a Mortgage professional, I see it time and again, when my clients bring in their renewal letter. The Bank offers its loyal customers the posted rate. Yes, that’s true!

The loyal customers aren’t necessarily offered the same discount as the new clients that the Bank is trying to attract. Can this be fair? Well it’s all about profit not loyalty.

So when it’s time to renew your mortgage, start shopping around. It’s worth your time and it can literally save you thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage. The process is simple so why not investigate?

Your life has probably changed in the 5 years since getting your original mortgage. You should be getting advice about what is best for you NOW! Everyday there are new mortgages on the market. The way we manage money has changed and having the right mortgage at renewal can literally save you thousands of dollars in the coming years.

Mortgage Brokers have access to more lenders and competitive rates than Banks so why not give us a call and discuss your options. We help people mortgage renewals in Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby, and through Durham, Ontario. We’re toll–free at 866-452-1100.

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I have been renewing my mortgage through the ladies of Mortgage Intelligence for the past 10 years. They always get me a great rate, and have helped me to work with my mortgage so that I could pay off debt and still pay my mortgage down. Both emails and phone calls were returned promptly. I have referred them to friends and family because they are a pleasure to work with!

Denise R. Oshawa