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Reverse Mortgages - Oshawa Mortgage Intelligence

Reverse Mortgages
10,000 Boomers reach age 65 every single day in Canada and that will continue for the next 10 years! The numbers are astounding. Unfortunately many Canadians have no income in retirement other than what they get from government pensions.

The high cost of living and lack of retirement planning has left many Canadians in need of added income to support their pre-retirement lifestyle. A Reverse Mortgage can answer the need.

Reverse Mortgages can provide Tax-free Income by accessing the equity in a home.

By age 65 most Canadians have either paid off their mortgage or owe a small amount.

With the help of sound financial planning the equity can be invested and a Tax-free income can be drawn monthly. For many seniors Reverse Mortgages are a way to enhance their enjoyment of life in retirement.

Adults 55 or older can apply for a Reverse Mortgage. A maximum of 40% of the house’s equity can be accessed. The homeowner never makes a payment and can stay in the home al long as they wish. The house is always registered in the name of the homeowner.

Mortgage Intelligence is partnered with HOMEQuity Bank to bring Reverse Mortgages to our clients. If you would like to know more about Reverse Mortgage, you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you decide if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you! 866-42-1100

We provide reverse mortgages in Ontario through Homequity Bank. Call us we're here to help.

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