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Bad Credit and Credit Repair Solutions in Oshawa

The mortgage agents at our Oshawa, ON office are dedicated to helping all Canadians achieve home ownership. Often if a borrower goes to a bank for a mortgage, they are promptly turned down if the credit is less than perfect.

While we strive help everyone when they come to our office, it may not always be possible. However, we are committed to offering credit repair options to rebuild our clients’ damaged credit. We help you develop a plan to help repair bruised or bad credit in the fastest possible time.

There are several ways to rebuild damaged credit, and we are happy to outline how to get started. All that we ask is that you are prepared to follow our proven plan. Using the lenders that we have selected will insure that you are approved for credit even the day after the bankruptcy or consumer proposal is completed.

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Mortgage options

Borrowing with bad credit is often as easy as increasing the down payment and buying a home in good condition. Our vast array of sub-prime and private lenders makes Mortgage Intelligence the go-to mortgage office for getting those with less than perfect credit into their dream homes. Banks cannot offer these options to borrowers.

We treat all our clients with respect, and we never judge a person by their situation. Some of our best clients are those that came to us in difficult situations but are now back on their financial feet.

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Call us for credit repair solutions now at (866) 452-1100.